Making Internet

Building digital products is a collaborative effort between strategists, engineers, and designers. It's my job to make sure all stakeholders understand the problem we're solving, who the product is for, and why we are doing it.

This requires a process of internalizing an empathetic understanding of our users, exploration into where existing solutions fall short, and iterating until we've delivered a product that doesn't just work, but delights.

On a day-to-day basis, I oversee engineering efforts: keeping the production process moving; helping solve technical challenges; and communicating progress, possibilities, and trade-offs to other stakeholders within the organization.

Ongoing Projects

Proof logo

Proof is a publishing platform designed for independent publishers and brands that is tailored to meet the specific editorial needs of each organization. It combines a headless CMS, editorial suite, and a software development kit to provide a customized end-to-end solution for publishing across all digital platforms and devices.

No Hands logo

A small application designed to help restaurants reopen during the COVID-19 crisis. No Hands borrows a subset of Proof's technology to help restaurant owners and managers create online menus and generate linked QR codes that can be scanned by customers.

Marquee logo

Marquee is a digital studio focused on editorial teams and content-driven brands. Working with journalists, editors, and content strategists, we deliver bespoke digital products to connect with audiences. Each project is designed from the ground up to match the specific needs of each client including content experiences, revenue generation, and audience management.

Selected Clients

Western Union logoWestern Union Restricted

In an effort to improve KPIs for customer service representatives, I helped create and pilot a prototype Knowledge Base for Western Union to replace their existing Salesforce installation. After workshopping with the US-based team in Denver, I traveled to Manila and Baguio City to meet directly with customer support agents and better understand the challenges they faced. The prototype improved comprehension time, reduced the time spent on calls, and helped agents improve on their quality scores.

The California Sun logoThe California Sun

I helped the California Sun stand out in crowded inboxes every morning by creating a fresh design that compliments a fully customized newsletter solution, in-depth original stories, and a weekly podcast. A subset of the content is provided free of charge, but the rest sits behind a custom subscription platform that features a name-your-own-price model and annual subscriptions.

Wilson Quarterly logoWilson Quarterly

I was responsible for transforming the 60-year old print publication of The Smithsonian Institute into a fully digital experience. The Wilson Quarterly provides in-depth analysis and historical perspectives around a timely theme each quarter. Each issue includes a standalone interactive article — this one about the technology behind the 2019 Hong Kong protests is a personal favorite.

First Round Capital logoFirst Round Capital

In 2014 The First Round Review brought Marquee on to build a best-in-class product around their renowned publication. FRR has long been one of the most influential voices at the intersection of venture capital and technology; their dedication to a high standard of quality and willingness to innovate combined to make this one of my favorite projects.

Career Timeline

2023-PresentDotdash-MeredithDirector, Artificial Intelligence
2020-2022Dotdash-MeredithEngineering Manager, Publishing Platform
2012-PresentMarqueePartner, Engineering
2020Western UnionConsultant, Product
2019KinzenConsultant, Product
2018KindabaConsultant, Engineering
2009-2012PolicusPartner, Engineering
2008-2009FRANKIntegrated Producer
2006-2008Affinity InternetWeb Developer
1999-2006FreelanceWeb Developer